A Christian view of the protests/riots in the Middle East/North Africa

are twisted and very unhealthy if they are anything like this….. should the Bible be taken away from folks with these kinds of viewpoints or attitudes?  One person thinks so.

I mean, who do some USAmerican Christians think they are?  Do they forget their how their own freedoms were brought about?  Should we not be encouraging freedoms for others as well, and even more so the spiritual freedom that comes through the message of the cross of Christ?

Judge not lest you too be judged.


9 responses to “A Christian view of the protests/riots in the Middle East/North Africa

  1. I don’t really see anyone addressing the substance of Johnny Mac’s argument though. Calling him names isn’t productive. And saying that he’s somehow inconsistent doesn’t disprove his point; it just proves his inconsistency (if he’s even really inconsistent on this point; I don’t think he is, for the record; I do think “America fought for its freedom” argument is something of a red herring).

    I think in response to your question I’d ask what freedom actually entails. If true freedom is found in Christ then this is attainable under any form of government. China is run by atheists yet Christians somehow manage to pop up over there.

    • Hey Nick,

      There has not been any name calling on either my or Brian’s. If there was, please tell me where.

      The problem is not that MacArthur is inconsistent. The problem is that he tries to be too consistent, choosing to abide by rules of interpretation that he himself has set up for people who wish to read the Bible as he does. In the Gospels (particularly passages such as Mark 7), Jesus chastises the Pharisees for they made up all these laws based on their interpretations of Scripture. Setting aside God’s ways for their own is exactly what MacArthur is doing. He is letting HIS own hermeneutic (i.e.) tradition replace love of the neighbor. People are dying under these murderous regimes, as we see in Libya, these rulers are vicious. The law (MacArthur’s interpretation) does not come before the love of neighbor, let alone the sanctity of life.

      The question of freedom I think cannot be separate from the issues of human livelihood, especially from the Christian perspective where the body is a temple, and we can only know freedom through bodily existence (as Bonhoeffer argued).

  2. Rod: Read the comments to the first link that Brian provided. I saw, “idiot,” “ignorant moron,” “utter moron” (from you), and “jack*ss” (from Brian). Thems is names. You’ll have to forgive me, but I didn’t read your post.

  3. There is a verse from Paul about slaves gaining freedom if they are able to do so…so gaining freedom is a Biblical precedent.

    However I think there are better ways to do it. Take Ghandi and his approach in India and how through the peaceful protesting approach they actually gained power..though at another cost.

    I’m not a fan of Mac; but I do agree with what he says about the ways Christians took over America and the treatment of natives etc.

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