4 responses to “new books: the “uh oh” edition…

  1. I’ve gotten to the point where if the damage is not affecting the overall integrity of the book, then I’ll keep it and not worry about it. I do this partly because if the book is not going to fall apart in my hands, awesome; but also I do this because I know accidents will happen once I’m in possession of the book. I’ve got six or seven books that tried to steal my coffee one morning, and they now bear the scars of their foolish attempts.

  2. I have received multiple books from online sellers with damage from poor shipping. Several are in a similar location and I chose to keep them, though yours is a bit worse. I had one Bible arrive where the cover was half way detached from the spine and I did send it in for a replacement. I guess it depends on whether you think the book in it’s present condition is worth the money spent on it. If it’s not a hassle I’d probably look into a re-shipment.

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