on the Ten Commandments

as part of my recent amazon order I received Patrick Miller’s The Ten Commandments: Interpretation: Resources for the Use of Scripture in the Church in WJK’s Interpretation Series.  This is going to be an amazing and interesting read for me.  How many of us fully realize how much the Scriptures center around the Ten Commandments and any ethical and life implications that come from them?

What do you think about this quote from Luther?

This much is certain: those who know the Ten Commandments perfectly know the Scriptures and in all affairs and circumstances are able to counsel, help, comfort, judge, and make decisions in both spiritual and temporal matters

From Large Catechism, in Kolb and Wengart, Book of Concord, 382, as quoted in Patrick D. Miller’s the Ten Commandments (WKJ 2009), 1.

If you have a solid understanding of the Ten Commandments and their basic meaning, an you pretty much know the Scriptures and provide solid pastoral counsel?


2 responses to “on the Ten Commandments

  1. I’d have to disagree with Luther, actually. While not at all disagreeing with the Ten Commandments, I do not think they are as pivotal to understanding the breadth of scripture as something like Deuteronomy 6 is. And Jesus seems to agree 🙂

    The ten say not to murder – but they don’t command to love your enemy. The ten say not to bear false witness, but hardly condemn lying, and fall far short of proclaiming the worth of truth. The ten suggest not coveting, not stealing, but say nothing of giving, of sharing, etc.

    They will certainly set human affairs in “workable” order. But do they themselves describe the properly functioning people of God?

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