King’s Seminary interviews Dave Black

The kind folks at King’s Evangelical Divinity School, where ex-blogger Robert Jimenez is attending via online studies, interviewed Dave Black, mostly on his views on the Gospels.   Here is an excerpt:

5. There have been some claims that Matthew’s gospel was originally written in Hebrew or Aramaic. What do you think of the evidence behind this?

I spend a great of time on this issue in my book Why Four Gospels? The long and short of it is this: The statement of Papias has been largely misunderstood by New Testament scholars. Origen, mistakenly thinking that Papias was referring to the language in which Matthew was written, stated that Matthew “was composed in Hebrew characters.” This error was perpetuated by later authors. J. Kürzinger has shown that the words hebraidi dialekto almost certainly means “in a Hebrew style” rather than “in [the] Hebrew language.”

Thank you Dr Black for bringing us all to clarity on this issue – that Matthew wrote the First Gospel in the Hebrew style makes a lot more sense of the situation then that he wrote it in Hebrew.

Give the rest of the interview a read!   And for sure think about getting his book Why Four Gospels?

HT: Nick


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