on being a Christian

I was thinking a bit about what it means to follow Jesus today (that is, to be a Christian) and wondered how can we say we are Christians if we won’t go where Jesus leads us, even if it is to undesirable places such as in the way of suffering or poverty?  If we don’t or won’t go in the way he leads us, how can we say we are his disciples, or that we are following the Lord, or that we are indeed Christians?  Would not our claims then be in vain or filled with empty words and meaninglessness?  Would we then only be giving lip service to our claim to being Christians if we are not following him in the way he leads us?

Debbie met a guy from Korea the other day at her place of work (he is working there too) and in the course of conversation and getting acquainted Debbie shared that we are Pastors in the park.  I cannot remember the rest of the conversation but it lead the Korean fellow to say “Oh so you are sincere Christians?”  As if there is another kind?  We were not surprised, anyone from the US could have said the same thing, in fact when I had a job in Seattle doing valet parking, I had a co-worker who said something of similar effect: “You are a good Christian” (mainly because I wasn’t outwardly acting like he was, which was hardly Christian).

So does that beg the question: Are we “sincere” Christians?  Do we go in the way of the Lord, no matter which way he leads, suffering or no suffering?  Even so, are you willing to follow Jesus no matter the cost involved?

What say you?


5 responses to “on being a Christian

  1. I like the “sincere” Christian angle… I’ve been using “follower of Jesus” but I might give this new to me label a try. I hate labels though.

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  3. It seems like there could be moments when we are “sincere” and others when we are not. As I ponder the disciples in the gospels they had their ups and downs, their highs and lows, their moments of victory and defeat. It would seem that the only consistent sign of a true disciple that I can note at the moment is faithfulness. By this I mean a “stick-to-it” over the long haul. In other words, the difference between a Judas and a Peter.

    In this sense there may be times when we are far from “sincere”, but we are still Christians.

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