The Bible Teaching Pastor’s desk:

what does yours look like?

Here is a suggestion from Walter Kaiser in his book  Toward an Exegetical Theology: Biblical Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching (Baker, 1981),139:

The exegete [i.e., the Bible teacher] should keep on his [or her] desk a well-marked text book of Biblical theology along with lexicons and grammars.  It will also be most helpful if that textbook has a Scripture index and a theme index so that the exegete may use this tool quickly without having to leaf through the whole book to find pertinent comments on the subject under investigation.

One good book (I had to throw out) to consider is the IVP New Dictionary of Biblical Theology (IVP, 2000).   This book is really great! It gives a basic biblical theology of each book of the Bible and also gives the biblical theology of many topics (love, joy, peace, etc).

As to the lexicons and grammars, wordbooks, etc, this is why I think it is good to have computer programs like Bible Works or Logos – these programs often have them on there and so they can be quickly accessed – concordances, grammars (e.g., Wallace/Waltke, O’Conner, etc), lexicons (e.g., BDAG/HALOT); TWOT; NIDOTE, NIDNT, etc); dictionaries, etc.

Right and proper use of these should enable and promote a more or less solid biblical exegesis and hence good Bible teaching.

So, how’s your desk looking?


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