Commentaries on the Psalms: A Poll

I had to toss my WBC set on the Psalms, that I liked, but I wonderd…

If “other” feel free to explain in the comments.



5 responses to “Commentaries on the Psalms: A Poll

  1. I am actually using Goldingay through a series on the Psalms and find it unbelievably helpful. I also use Kidner’s very small 2-volume set in the TCOT series that is good for tidbits (as Kidner always seems to be). I have used WBC on the Psalms, but as is too often the case I find the volumes to not be as helpful for a pastor as they should be (even though I personally own about 10). I suppose at some point I will probably purchase the WBC on the Psalms, but ONLY if they are at bargain prices. At least that’s my personal take. They certainly have much to commend them in the way of text critical issues and assessment of the text, but I think Goldingay just does a really decent job of the theological reflection that makes his far more favorable for a pastor. (I would even say that about his WBC volume on Daniel…even when I disagree with his historical-critical reconstructions…and think his volume needed better editing for typos…it was still an excellent volume theologically speaking).

  2. Thanks Rick for the explanation! I was sort of guessing it’d be better to go with Goldingay. I’ll probably get them net time I have $90 to get the set! lol! Te Psalms are just too important not to have commentaries on.

  3. Sorry I just realized I flipped letters around when describing the Kidner volume. It should read “TOTC” rather than “TCOT”. That’s what I get for typing fast. It’s the Tyndale OT Commentary series which are decent and reasonably priced, but don’t go into great detail on anything most of the time. I’ve found them to be great secondary commentaries if you are ever looking for ones as supplemental for series. I try to purchase 4-5 on a book when I begin a series and choose (preferably) two primary with several supplemental ones.

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