CBD Sale: NA27 Wide Margin Edition!

soon as I can I want to get it.  it’s on sale for $20 at CBD – given I had to throw away my really nice cloth bound NA 27 – this could be a great alternative….

562002: Novum Testamentum Graece (NA27), Wide-Margin Edition Novum Testamentum Graece (NA27), Wide-Margin Edition
By E. Nestle, B. & K. Aland, eds. / Hendrickson Publishers

The leading edition of the original text of the New Testament, this scholarly edition is designed for extensive research, textual criticism, and other academic studies.

In keeping with the goals of serious and advanced New Testament scholars, the revised critical apparatus shows a nearly exhaustive list of variants but includes only the most significant witnesses for each variant. The Greek text has paragraph and section breaks. Cross-references in the margins are extensive and include synoptic parallels. Five appendices offer in-depth information for further understanding of passages.

The introduction appears in both English and German. Text, notes, and critical apparatus appear in a clear font throughout the volume.

Larger in size but priced lower than the large print edition, this user-friendly edition gives professors and students the opportunity to make notes in their Bible as they translate the New Testament.


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