on the nature of the atonement

By the atonement, therefore, is meant that action of Christ’s death which has a prime regard to God’s holiness, has it for its first charge, and finds man’s reconciliation impossible except as that holiness is divinely satisfied once for all on the cross.  Such an atonement is the key to the incarnation.  We must take that view of Christ which does most justice to the holiness of God.  This starting point of the supreme holiness of God’s love, rather than its pity, sympathy, or affection, is the watershed between the Gospel and the theological liberalism which makes religion no more that the crown of humanity and the metropolitan province of the world.  My point of departure is that Christ first concern and revelation was not simply the forgiving love of God, but the holiness of such love.

-P.T. Forsyth The Cruciality of the Cross.  Kindle Edition.