The first church plant?

I was wondering….

Is it fair to say the first church plant was the garden of Eden, with the first church plant pastor as God, and the first congregation Adam and Eve?

What say you?

7 responses to “The first church plant?

  1. As you can tell, I haven’t taken Greek yet (obvious since I used the “c” from ecclesiology instead of a “k” — just be thankful I didn’t use the “g” from iglesia). I’ve been listening to some MP3s of lecture on Christian theology, and the etymology of the word was stuck in my mind.

    • Yeah, it’s easy to feel tempted to build a theological idea on the derivation of a word – but it needs to be remembered that words have usage not meaning, so meaning is based more on how it is used (think of all the ways “turkey” can be used or even “love” – obviously the same meaning can’t be used in all cases) than on its etomology (root meaning). Hope that helps.

  2. It depends on how you understand church… Do we understand it as the community of God’s people – or only with the understanding that it specifically relates to the time of assembly on the Sunday morning?

    I think of myself as a representative of the church where ever I go. Where 2 or three gather in Christ’s name he is in their midst…yet he is also with me – where ever I go.

    To take the church idea further within the Garden – more thought needs to be done within the context of Jesus being the new Adam – and the future recreation of heaven and earth and what that means for the church. In that future time frame – will the church, still be the church?

    If we say yes to that question, I think we can say yes that the Garden was the beginning of the church. If we say no, that the church wont be the church in the future – we have to say no to its beginning in the garden.

    Yet – within the context of being called out, gathered etc – it would seem that only those called out from within the current world – will inhabit the future world, therefore – I believe that we have to say ‘Yes’ the church began in the garden.

    • I like playing around with idea’s…you never know what it might lead to. I wouldn’t die on a hill for it – but it has been a lot of fun stirring a fellow brother – in a non depraved sort of way 😉

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