will the GCNP close during the Government shutdown?

Yes and No.

State Route (SR) 64 from Tusayan to Cameron will remain open due to it being a State funded Highway.  SR 64 goes through the Grand Canyon National Park  (South Rim) and through to the East entrance.  Along this route there are more than plenty of places for you all to stop and look out over the Canyon.

At the same time – any and all Park services will be closed and blocked off (except for the bare essentials: Fire and Security, Park Rangers, etc).

For example:

1.Helicopter flights will will continue (they are based outside the Park)
2. No fees charged at the entrance (Yay!! No $25 fee!!).
3. All Park Services to the public will stop (No General Store; No Park guides; No gift shops/bookstores; No train up from Williams; nothin…..)
4. All Park Facilities will close (No trailer village (no overnighting with the RV), No camping….)
5. Parking lots at the overlooks will be blocked.
6. Access to hiking trails below the rim of the Canyon will be closed (No trips to Phantom Ranch or to the Bright Angel Campground – both at the bottom of the Canyon).

So you can still come see the Canyon if you want to – there just won’t be a lot to do.


2 responses to “will the GCNP close during the Government shutdown?

  1. It never occurred to me to “do” anything at the GC other than to look at it. I suppose I wanted to see it from the other side, but… I was still in middle school at the time. Hope I get to return.

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