still around

just not always with stable internet connection and still in a bit of a wondering phase since when we left the Canyon.  We did just that, we up and left – we did not have time to plan our “exodus” (does anybody in these kinds of situations?) – been keeping up on the blogs when I can and we are still figuring a way forward and have yet to land in Phoenix.  It’s pretty rough and tumble for sure.

One thought I’ve reflecting on is the connection between the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and the missio dei.  They are connected you know, and interrelated – the incarnation and resurrection were/are the impetus of the missio dei – they are what make it possible if not necessary.  Resurrection leads to Mission.  A Resurrection life in Jesus leads to a missional life in Jesus.  In fact, Mission flows out of the Resurrection life of Jesus, which is also in us (as Paul tells us in Romans, that Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead lives in us).  The fact that Jesus rose from the dead should compel us to pursue God’s salvation to the ends of the earth.  Why wouldn’t it?  Do we think the benefits of the resurrection are for us alone?  They are not.  Instead, they are to be shared, not only in community and care for one another, but also in proclamation and in care for others that they too may know and experience the risen life of Jesus in them as well.

all for now.

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