David Wilkerson’s greatest legacy?

Pastor David Wilkerson has gone on to be with the Lord. Agree or disagree with him and his theology, what was his greatest legacy? Without question it was his founding of Teen Challenge, USA.
Here are some stats about Teen Challenge.

National Institute on Drug Abuse Report (source):

The Teen Challenge definition of “drug-free” means abstaining from all use of narcotics, marijuana, alcohol, and cigarettes. 67% of the graduates are drug-free as indicated by the urinalysis test. (86% stated they were drug-free on the questionnaire.)

72% of the graduates continued their education upon completion of Teen Challenge. The areas include getting their G.E.D., or pursuing college level education.

75% of the graduates indicated their current status as employed. 73% of the graduates are self-supporting by earning their own salary. Of those who are currently employed, 58% have been at their present job for over one year.

87.5% of the graduates did not require additional treatment in drug treatment programs after leaving Teen Challenge. Over 90% considered themselves addicted to drugs before entering Teen Challenge.

67% of the graduates are regularly attending church. 57% of the graduates are involved in church work.

92% of the graduates report good-excellent health, whereas the numbers are significantly lower for the other two groups, 59% and 75%.

the stats speak for themselves… Teen Challenge is hands down by far and away better and more effective than any other recovery program out there!

Thank you Pastor Wilkerson for leaving behind such an incredible legacy as Teen Challenge!