Are you a good listener?

I found this on my old blog so I thought I’d do a repost…

Give yourself a listening test: Note all the statements you can affirm. One point each.

1) I make a great effort to enter other people’s experience of life.

2) I do not presume to know what the other person is trying to communicate.

3) My close friends would say I listen more than I speak.

4) When people are angry with me, I am able to listen to their side without getting upset.

5) People share freely with me because they know I listen well.

6) I listen not only to what people say but also for their nonverbal cues, body language, tone of voice, and the like.

7) I give people my undivided attention when they are talking to me.

8 ) I am able to reflect back and validate another person’s feelings with empathy.

9) I am aware of my primary defensive mechanisms when I am under stress, such as placating, blaming, problem-solving prematurely, or becoming distracted.

10) I am aware of how the family in which I was raised has influenced my present listening style.

11) I ask for clarification when I am not clear on something another person is saying rather than attempt to fill in the blanks.

12) I never assume something, especially negative, unless it is clearly stated by the person speaking.

13) I ask questions when listening rather than mind read or make assumptions.

14) I don’t inturrupt or listen for openings to get my point accross when another is speaking.

15) I am aware when I am listening of my own personal “hot buttons” that cause me to get angry, upset, fearful, or nervous.

If you noted 12 or more, you are an outstanding listener [and should be raptured to heaven soon]; 8-11, very good, [but not good enough to be raptured early]; 5-7, good [and probably a farily normal person who will be raptured to heaven at the regularly scheduled time]; 4 or fewer, poor as in “you are in trouble,” [and might miss the rapture altogether!]. [brakets mine]. 😉

Let me know how you do! I think I scored 5-7, so I guess I am fairly normal.

sorry, I apparently didn’t list the source so I am not sure where I got it.