to buy or not to buy…

a C. John Collins book?  yea or nay?


7 responses to “to buy or not to buy…

  1. While he is not on my list as an author particularly to buy, I did think his Gen.1-4 commentary was rather helpful personally. He has some helpful insights in it even if I disagree with him on a number of points. I guess I could really only speak to that book (since I’ve only read that particular one all the way through and taken notes on it).

  2. Couldn’t tell you; I’ve never read any of it. It just doesn’t look terribly interesting or worthwhile. What attracted you to him and his work in the first place?

    • His Genesis 1-4 book and his new one on Adam and Eve. I didn’t know if they were worth considering (He’s got a PhD from Oxford so I guess I would expect decent scholarship from him – though I suppose that doesn’t have to mean a thing does it?)

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