on tracts…

saw this table at a church recently… almost turned into a mad Jesus with a whippin cord…  lol!  ah well, I guess you can win them all.

Truth be told, I am not actually against the use of tracts per se… but against the use of certain kinds of tracts.  My view is they can help in some cases and should be done in relationship (so they can be explained and questions can be answered when any arise), but all too often, they aren’t terribly well done and can very much oversimplify the gospel.   I can’t totally knock them as I have seen them work on occassion and they story is Hudson Taylor, the great founder of the China Inland Mission was saved reading a tract he found on the ground somewhere in London, so they can work.  Believe it or not, God can use tracts to bring people to himself, even the badly done ones… his grace is sufficient and he is sovereign without a doubt.  At the same time… the tracts on the stand in the photo are not ones I’d generally recommend people use.  no, not at all.   Where is the that whipping cord?


3 responses to “on tracts…

  1. Chick tracts were my first exposure to extreme Christian worldviews. I still miss scanning them as a kid.

  2. I suppose tracts can be helpful but I’ve found that a lot of people use them to actually avoid sharing the Gospel with people. It’s easy to hand someone a tract and walk away but not so easy to sit down and talk to them about Jesus.

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