just ordered

got my WTS Books certificate (probably last one in a while. They upped the ante from 250 clicks to 500 before you can get a certificate).  So I went with these:

Clinton Arnold’s Exegetical commentary on Ephesians in the ZECNT set – my first in the set and the last one probably for a while since that closes out my copies of Theilman, Hoehner, and Gombis.

Bartholomew, and Goheen’s Drama of Scripture – it’s along the lines of the stuff one reads in Gombis so I got it – it is where I am at right now with Bible stuff – I could have got Vanhoozer but I will soon enough.

Tim Keller’s King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the life of Jesus.  This carries along the story theme, something I am still reading on and letting be worked out in me and my spiritual growth at the moment.

So, yup, that was the selection!

passed 100,000 hits…

on this blog some time in the last day or two – at the moment it is 100,593.   Interesting! lol!  why people read a lowly blog is beyond me, I mean I just try to talk about the Bible and all….  🙂

thanks for reading and interacting with now and again… I do appreciate it and I am glad to have good blooger buddies as you all.

well, here’s to that next 100,000!