No sir, you’re wrong…

I can never understand people who have to insist on their own ignorance when it comes to the reading and study of the Bible. Too many think all we need is the Holy Spirit, a Bible, and that is it. When people make these kinds of comments, how is one supposed to respond to such gibberish? It is often used to justify not going to seminary and getting a good theological education and training for “the ministry.” They say, well, Peter and John were just simple ordinary “unlearned men” who had been with Jesus, so the reasoning goes if it was good enough for Peter and John, then it must be good enough for them. So they too will just trust the holy spirit to be their teacher and not fallible man (never mind the spiritual gift of teaching mind you…) blah blah blah…

All this is in response to this post and frankly, i’m tired of it.


2 responses to “No sir, you’re wrong…

  1. The Apostles spent more than 3 years being taught by Jesus. It’s not like they were just hanging out and playing backgammon (Jesus would have won every time anyway).

  2. Sorry, Nick, but backgammon is a came for Catholics. Since the Apostles were Methodists, they would have played some form of poker.

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