If Gordon Fee was a pastor…

In his book, Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God, Fee recalls a time when during a coffee hour at Regent College, one of his students asked, “If you were to return to the pastoral ministry, what would you do [meaning, How would you go about it? What would you emphasize?]?” Gordon Fee’s answer was without hesitation:

No matter how long it might take, I would set
about with a single passion to help a local body of believers recapture the New Testament church’s understanding of itself as an eschatological community pg49.

I am sure he would mean to work all this out as to what that means over time but I do appreciate this because I am certain that to the be a church that understands itself to be an eschatological community would not mean necessarily to be a “rapture ready” church but instead one that is living out it’s fulfillment as the redeemed and reconstituted people of God in the present evil time.

but I wondered if there are very many pastors out there who are in tune with all this and are promoting this in their own congregations?