on being left behind

I was thinking about the whole problem of Harold Camping and his claims that the rapture would happen today. I was wondering if he might actually be an atheist. I mean who did he think he was to say he put the numbers together and determined the rapture would occur today? Did he think he knows more than Jesus who himself said one one knows the day or the hour not even the angels or the son of man?

Perhaps he isn’t an atheist per se (maybe a Christian Atheist?) but I felt his actions actually contribute to the problem of atheism and agnosticism, that Things like this actually help to create atheists. Why? Because it can lead people to places of disillusionment and unbelief, even incredulousness (especially for his followers who are probably even now still in their delusion may be having a lot of questions). Now, I grant that anyone who actually may have had even so much as a moment of doubt as to if Camping might even possibly be right might deserve to go to a place of unbelief… Most will probably just scoff at such notions and mock God and Christianity as a bunch of buffoonery. Even many Christians including myself mocked it all. And I think that is a shame. This is for sure not an instance where foolishness shames the wise. No, not at all. The wise probably just kept their mouths shut about it all and ignored it altogether.

If there are to be instances when the foolish shame the wise it shouldn’t be in silly date-setting but in proclamation of the gospel among the nations and or the living of cross-centered and cruciform lives in service to others and to the gospel.

So, I would not be surprised if more instances of atheism and agnosticism set in (maybe it will, maybe it won’t) because of all this. At the same time, I encourage people to keep their hearts and ears open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, it can be a good time to give witness to Jesus in word and in deed. You can be sure nearly EVERYBODY is talking about this and it could lead to good conversations at break time or at the store, at the ballpark or who knows where.

Maranantha come Lord Jesus!