nirvana in a cup.

Perhaps this is old news but I suppose if there is any doubt we live in a post Christian culture, this photo exemplifies that to T…

Gone are the days when things were primarily “like heaven” or as if one had “died and gone to heaven.” For one, most don’t even believe in heaven anymore and many Christians argue we aren’t going there anyways, or it is more like a brief layover, etc. Everyone wants to be spiritual but few if any want to be Christian. This photo, to me, while probably standard marketing than anything else, exemplifies the increasing anti-Christ element of American culture. It’s a shame, but it is also reality and it is bound to get worse as time goes on.

post rapture photo

so this photo was going around yesterday and many laughed and scoffed and mocked…

one friend of mine shared on his Facebook page:

There is a stong temptation to think or say “God, thank you that I am not like that Harold Camping” in smug self-righteousnes and pat ourselves on the back for how wise we are. Instead, why not be filled with gratitude that God, by his grace, has saved even more foolish, rebellious helpless sinners such as us, and look forward to the day very soon when we will see the One we love with unveiled face.

and Dave Black had shared:

[the big lie isn’t the false teaching of people like Camping so much as…] The Big Lie is our false orthodoxy, our pseudo religion, our finger-pointing self-righteous Evangelicalism. We are too smart to be duped by false prophets who predict the return of Christ on such-and-such a date but too blind to see our own cheap substitutes for the real thing. Some call this pseudo-Christianity, others Christendom. I think “Churchianity” says it well. We choose simulated piety, and God lets us reap the consequences of our choice.

It made me wonder about the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector where the pharisee thanked God he was not like the tax collector and all the tax collector did was beg God for mercy and forgiveness. Which one would be shown mercy in the end?