really great book sale!

WTS Bookstore has a great sale going on right now with the New Studies in Biblical Theology series – I am telling these are good books!  Get them, read then, learn biblical theology from them. 

Now, probably, like most commentary sets, it’s generally not a good idea to buy the whole set as all too often there is more than one dud in the set (not necessarily a reflection on the scholarship or abilities of the author per se) so you may want to be selective to the ones that interest you and build on it from there. 

What are they? Well, basically they are fairly easy to read monographs that deal with a particular theme or motif or thought of a particular writer found in Scripture and then presents the biblical theology of the motif such as missions, pastoral leadership, poverty and riches, atonement, original sin, race, holiness (a, b), the temple, creation and evil in job and so on.  It’s really good stuff and very helpful for pastors and teachers of the Word. 

So what is the deal?  Well, you get 40% off a single volume, 50% off 5 or more volumes and a whopping 52% off the whole set, if you decide to just go all out!  I think that can be a pretty good deal and that you should think hard about taking up the offer.  Do yourself a favor and DO NOT IGNORE THIS SALE.  This will be good reading! 

And, if you wouldn’t mind using the links here on this post – it’s be helpful for me so I can also take advantage of the offer given I had a few of these and had to throw some of them away due to a bad mold problem we had when we were up at the Grand Canyon.  So if you wouldn’t mind…  I’d appreciate it.  🙂


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