NIV 2011 Banned? (via Apprentice2Jesus)

I thought this was a joke at first…. the lunacy is astounding really…

This resolution came forward at their current meeting: 5:14 p.m. — In a surprising and dramatic move moments ago, messengers voted first to consider a resolution highly critical of the TNIV 2011 and then passed the resolution nearly unanimously. The resolution came from the floor — introduced by messenger Tim Overton — and not from the Resolutions Committee. Overturn’s appeal for messengers to consider the resolution passed by at least a 2-to- … Read More

via Apprentice2Jesus

5 responses to “NIV 2011 Banned? (via Apprentice2Jesus)

  1. There isn’t such a thing as “TNIV 2011”, so it doesn’t make sense to be critical of it or ban it. Yes, I know this error came from the Baptist Press blog. But if you are going to perpetuate it you would do better to present it as an example of their ignorance rather than of your own.

    I suspect that this kind of last minute resolution from the floor is non-binding and will largely be ignored, except by those who have already closed their minds on this issue. Lifeway will make their own decision – and blame the resolution if it is convenient for them.

  2. I am Southern Baptist and this pretty much guarantees I’ll buy at least one NIV2011.

    Messengers do the silliest things. Next it’ll be “Well, at least the Joseph Smith translation is from the KJV.”

    Some SBCers need to get boards out of their eyes.

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