Intermittent blogging

Is just how things are going to be for me for a while. Truth be told we are in a tough spot right now. I applied for a CPE spot here in AZ and due to a very unfortunate miscommunication I lost that position. We could have been secure for a year as we find a way forward. It was a big hit in the gut and I felt short changed and could not protest. It’s a tough place to be right now homeless and no work yet and trying to keep things stable for our children and so on. People being very kind and offering to pray something even better will come along is hard to hear right now (not anything wrong with it, just a dim light in a dark tunnel). we do need all the encouragement we can get. Any prayer
support offered will be appreciated.


7 responses to “Intermittent blogging

  1. Turn more and more to Him who has the power to fix things. The prayer is for “daily” bread. It can get pretty desperate, but He is faithful and he will lift you up when you’ve learned what He needs for you to learn for the next tasks in your life. He is good and you’ll see His goodness.

    We’ve been going through intensive training ourselves for about seven years now. It’s happened before and the result is always the same. One day? it will all be over suddenly like the sun breaking out though the storm clouds. I’ve seen it go from desperation to “the best job in town” in less than a week.

    The likely scenario is that you are receiving further training in the desperately needed “hearing from the Lord” skill.

    Hope that helped. Blessings brother.

  2. Brian – I’ve only recently started reading your blog, but I’ve enjoyed it. Sorry to hear about your deep waters. I pray He’ll send immediate help and reveal more of Himself to you in this difficult time. God bless you and your family. Eric

  3. It’s a fight but it’s really worth it. Pat and I have never felt closer to the Lord. Plus He’s doing things daily again like He used to 20 years ago.

    Look up! He’s got a good plan.

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