BibleWorks 9 is officially out!

From the website:

  BibleWorks 9!
Now available! This brand-new version comes with even more to help you focus on the text.

What’s New?

Four Columns

You’ll immediately notice the addition of another column to the main window. With two columns devoted to Analysis content you can customize it to view your favorite two resources simultaneously.

The BibleWorks Manuscript Project  

This first installation of the BibleWorks Manuscript Project includes new transcriptions and complete image sets of Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Alexandrinus, Bezae, Washingtonianus, Boernerianus, and GA1141 (over 7.5 GB!!). Manuscripts are fully searchable, and morphological tagging is partially complete (free updates are coming!).

The Moody Atlas of the Bible

BibleWorks comes with the full Moody Atlas. Its 118 masterful maps in high-resolution and dozens of photos can be easily inspected and copied to your presentations. No unlock required!

The CNTTS NT Critical Apparatus  

The full New Testament Critical Apparatus from the Center for New Testament Textual Studies is now available for PCs! This exhaustive apparatus covers the entire New Testament. The BibleWorks version has been enhanced to show a matrix of Aland categories and time period for the mss for each reading. The apparatus tracks and updates as the mouse moves over the text in the BibleWorks main window. No unlock required!

ESV Study Bible  

A must-have resource for all users! BibleWorks already comes with the ESV, but for only $20 all notes, articles, images, and maps from the ESV Study Bible are included. We took particular care to present high-resolution versions of all images and maps. The notes track and display in the main window next to any Bible version of your choice. Unlock required.

…and there’s much, much more!
 click here for more details and video demonstrations of BibleWorks 9.

$359 Full Version  
$159 Upgrade from BW8 Free shipping in the U.S.!
$199 Upgrade from BW7  
$20 ESV Study Bible (highly recommended!)  
Order here today:


If you are a pastor and blogger, you may be able to request a review copy!  Just be sure to review it… (like someone I know who got a review copy and failed to follow through).


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