His Judgment Cometh…

… and that right soon! 

I watched The Shawshank Redemption the other day (I’ve seen it before), and this was a line from a sewing hanging on the wall in the Warden’s office. 

It is true. 

We talk about tensions in the Bible and I know many tend to shy away about talking too much about the coming judgment of God on this world and I realize that Christians are not under condemnation (Romans 8:1) – yet, there is that reality. 

He Judgment cometh… and that right soon!

Are we aware of this?

Do we live our lives in light of it? 

This is not to say we have to live in fear or trepidation but yet maybe we do.  Afterall, is not the key to knowing God, the fear of the Lord? 

I know we talk about fear in this respect as being more of a reverence kind of fear, but sometimes I wonder.  When you were growing up did Mom ever say to you?

Just wait til your Father gets home!

Yeah, it’s struck fear in you didn’t it?  Well, our father in heaven, while loving and kind and benevolent, is also Judge of all the Earth and he is coming home soon. 

I think having a tiny bit of that kind of fear is not unhealthy – it keeps us walking that straight line.  I mean, do you want to have to explain yourself to God on Judgment day? (Christians have judgment day too, see 1 Cor 3)  All of us will, and I am sure not too many of us are looking forward to that. 

His Judgment cometh… and that right soon!


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