New Book on Inductive Bible Study

We just spent the last three days driving to Renton, Washington, to my parents house to visit for a couple weeks and get me some new hearing aids (yup, I am hearing impaired in case you forgot… without my hearing aids I am good as deaf though not legally so – it is not a congenital issue nor from an accident or sickness or loud music, but one that occurred in the birthing process and wasn’t fully realized or discovered until I was 3 – it is from nerve damaged caused by lack of oxygen and cannot be operated on – All I can say about it is that in the end God’s grace towards me was to become hearing impaired instead of mildly mentally retarded.  Also, so you know, I was mainstreamed into the regular classroom by the 3rd grade and since I “read” really well, I never learned much if any sign language.  My parents have lived in the house since just before I was born, so it’s been 41 years now they have lived here.

So anyways, a friend came to know of my desire to get the new book Inductive Bible Study: A Comprehensive Guide to the Practice of Hermeneutics just put out by Baker Academic (2011) (Forward by Eugene Peterson).  So it was nice to arrive to a new book!  This is meant to be a seminary level text book and is in sequel to the late Robert Traina’s book Methodical Bible Study, Zondervan, 2002, though originally printed in the late 1950’s.  These two books are meant to be used together.

As far as I am concerned, you can have all the theological training in the world and still not really have a strong handle on personal Bible study – and the same can be if you is unedjumacated.   But den I know some unedjumacted folk who can study the Bible better than PhD’s… 🙂   I know of nothing more important to give one self to than the reading and personal in-depth study of the Bible, and that precept upon precept, line by line.   Yes, the inductive method takes a lot of time and effort, but it is worth it and it is not too hard (you can learn (to do) nearly anything in 15 minutes a day if you put in the work).   Really, I think it is central to everything else!

To learn more check out Inductive Biblical Study . com!



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