CBD sale on Francis Schaeffer’s Complete Works

The sale is now over… Now it is $59.99, which is still a pretty good deal, but not as good as the $40 deal…

It’s a great deal and is one that without hesitation should be taken advantage of. I mean his whole works for just $40?! How and why would one NOT want to take advantage of it?! But of course the point would be to read through it, that is, after you get through Barth’s Dogmatics of course. 🙂

53310: The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer,  5 Volumes The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer, 5 Volumes
By Francis Schaeffer / Crossway Books & Bibles

Dr. Schaeffer was one of the 20th century’s champions of reasoned faith. Though he died in 1984, his influence continues through his writings. This affordable set contains all 22 of Schaeffer’s books. Five indexed 6″ x 9″ softcovers, from Crossway Books.

Titles include:

  • The God Who is There
  • Escape from Reason
  • He is There and He is Not Silent
  • Back to Freedom and Dignity
  • Genesis in Space and Time
  • No Final Conflict
  • Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History
  • Basic Bible Studies
  • Art and the Bible
  • No Little People
  • True Spirituality
  • The New Super-Spirituality
  • Two Contents, Two Realities
  • The Church at the End of the Twentieth Century
  • The Church Before the Watching World
  • The Mark of a Christian
  • Death in the City
  • The Great Evangelical Disaster
  • Pollution and the Death of Man
  • How Should We Then Live?
  • Whatever Happened to the Human Race?
  • A Christian Manifesto

Also, I’d be greatly appreciative if you would be so kind as to go through my link here so it could be of benefit to me.



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