On being a Global Christian

As most folks probably know by now, the world renown author, pastor, scholar, John Stott went on to be with the Lord last week. He was 90. In a New York Times article the following quote was given:

We must be global Christians, with a global mission, because our God is a global God.

Without a doubt this is a loaded statement packed with passion and depth of understanding with regard to the missio dei, that is, the mission and greater purposes of God in this world. I think it is absolutely essential that every Christian grasp this understanding and allow the Holy Spirit to shape and form this notion into his or her heart and mind and spirit. Perhaps we may all play out our part in the missio dei in differing ways and means, and locales, but nevertheless, it is true, our God is a global God and he expects all those who follow him to take on the mindset of global Christian.

So the question becomes then, are you a global Christian and if so, how are you playing out your part in the missio dei?

John Stott was a great man. He was one of my favorites and his book, The Cross of Christ, was one of the first I read that was on a more scholarly level. To me he epitomizes the notion of “pastor-scholar.” It is something I would like to see even myself emulate in one way or another in my own life. His example is a good one to follow.


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