so i got a job

doing substitute teaching work. Just spent the last three days being eaten alive….. and before you say all students eat their subs alive it isn’true. I subbed at the canyon and that never happened. So, this is going to have to suffice until something else more sustantial opens up. Any prayers and loud cries of intercession on our behalf will be appreciated.


5 responses to “so i got a job

    • actually, it was an elementary school…. 5th graders, one of my favorite groups. it was just a tough situation so I was pretty much over run from the get go. they weren’t just dissing me, they dissed the principal, the resource officer (actual police offcer with the Phoenix Police Dept with a gun and cuffs and all…), their regular teacher….the list goes on and on. I did my own share of putting a foot down, whew. that brought out some serious wrath from the kids. lol. For sure I left there the hated sub!

    • Mark. Without a doubt this not an ideal situation and I wish it could be different. We just have to continue waiting on the Lord and trusting him. God or Bad, he is still the Lord and faithful God.

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