on the Trinity and the gospel

if belief in or understaning of God as Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is not necessary for salvation (or to be considered “saved”), since it would put out all the early Christians up to the formulation of the Doctrine since they did not necessarily see God or Christ in such terms, then, to what end the Doctrine of the Trinity?


2 responses to “on the Trinity and the gospel

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  2. One would have to determine to what extent belief in the trinity is essential. I would say the proto-trinitarian (or trinity in seed-form) is still necessary for Christian salvation. To believe otherwise is to not have faith in God according to His self-revelation. IOW, I don’t understand it as necessary to have a full knowledge of God as trinity, but the basic idea must be present (or one has not trusted in Jesus as the unique revelation of God testified to in the Scriptures and fails to acknowledge God as God). At least that is my understanding. And according to the Nicene Creed…a trinitarian belief is essential.

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