Quote of the Day: Emil Brunner

‎There is but one word strong enough to conquer despair – and that is faith.  Either we despair – or we believe.  Nothing but faith is able to swallow up despair, there is no other alternative.  That is the great either-or in life, more important than any other.  Either despair – or faith.  (Emil Brunner, Our Faith, p.92)

I got this off of my friend Ekaputra Tupamahu’s facebook page.  I was both an encouragement and a rebuke for me because I had been beginning to give into despair about the many difficulties we face and have been going through.  Thank the Lord for Emil Brunner and his encouragement and rebuke to me.  I need new hope right now and reason to believe somehow we are going to pull out of this mess.   I need to remember no matter what, God is GOOD and he is FAITHFUL.  There is no ohter alternative to these truths.



2 responses to “Quote of the Day: Emil Brunner

    • well the biggest prayer is is that we find work that can pay enough to support a family on, so that can’t be just any work if you know what I mean. Debbie put in for a pretty good job at NAU in Flagstaff but I have been so despairing that I have felt like if it was a job and it paid money it could be too good to be true. This is a good job and would really answer the cry of my daughters heart to see her friends again (how do you help a 4 yr old grieve her own losses?). I am lucky enough to be using Debbie’s computer at the moment but it had crashed and we managed to get it going again but no Word so we can’t work our resume’s until we get that resolved otherwise there are a few churches I might send resume’s too but really I probably need a good assoc position for a while but that has to be a bigger church for that to happen and so on, and ministry spots are increasingly massively competitive so it’s not a fun place to be.

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