an “about me” meme

I’ll jump on the band wagon:

  • My favorite food is … Thai
  • I cannot stomach … okra.  (I agree with Henry on this one).
  • My favorite TV show is … we don’t have TV at the moment but we like NCIS.
  • In my spare time I … read, or spend time with my kids.
  • One word used to describe me when growing up … unfocused.
  • One word used to describe me today … wiser.
  • If I had a million dollars I’d … give to church planting efforts among the unreached and Bible translation.
  • I send this many emails each day … 0-1 or 2.
  • Being homeless and underemployed is … hard.
  • My favorite book … Tim Gombis’ The Drama of Ephesians.
  • My (earthly) hero is … .
  • My favorite theologian is … John Stott, even though he was more a pastor/scholar.
  • I went to high school at … Kentridge HS, Kent, WA.
  • My favorite spot on earth is … Just about anywhere on or around Mt. Rainier though I like Sunrise and Paradise (as do many).
  • If I wasn’t homeless, I would be… a pastor or cross-cultural missionary (if I could keep the job!).
  • My favorite Bible verse is … probably Philippians 3:12 (as the NASB puts it)(I have to keep pressing on and not let things hinder me, such as my hearing impairment).
  • My favorite pet is … I liked our cat Buster (he was a mane coon), he died about 10 years ago.  We don’t/can’t have pets.  Allergies.
  • My favorite commentary on 1-3 John is by … John Painter in the Sacra Pagina set.
  • I am embarrassed that I … can’t always hear and cause undue conflict because of it.
  • I have been to the following countries … Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Canada, (though I lived in Bellingham WA for college so going there didn’t seem that big a deal – Vancouver is a cool city, very international).
  • I was a substitute teacher …  in Springfield, MO while in Seminary and at the Grand Canyon while pastoring.
  • Debbie and I honeymooned in … Nova Scotia.
  • Our first mission trip together was to … the Philippines.
  • My first mission trip ever … to Thailand (Pang Nga Province, just north of Phuket).
  • My first journal article appeared in … not published.
  • I was once asked to … lead small groups for the Chai Alpha group in College – learned alot doing so.  .
  • After completing my MDiv … pastored a little church in the Grand Canyon National Park with my wife Debbie.
  • Once they get to know me, most people are surprised that … I can be funny.
  • Most people don’t know that I … rebuilt an engine (302) and put it in a pinto mustang I had.
  • I have never been to … Europe. And I want to go.
  • The number of states in the U.S. I’ve been in is… 10 (though I have driven through 7 states on various trips.
  • While in high school I… I took a cross-cultural exchange trip to Australia playing tennis with other high schoolers there, the next year they came to see us.
  • my favorite sports growing up… waterskiing (skied competitively) and snow skiing).  (I tend to prefer individual sports over team sports)

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