on recent happenings

christmas miracles still happen!  debbie just got a really good job as an admin assistant to the person who overseas all the ethnic fellowships in the AoG here in the states, here in Phoenix!  it may seem that the dawn is appearing and my long and “dark night of the soul” may finally be coming to an end!  hopefully things will only be looking up from here on out and maybe I’ll be able to start blogging more regularly.  much has happened and perhaps some it will come out on the blog.  I am still working out what I will be going for me work wise or what.  I may apply for a couple of the CPE programs here in Phoenix and just go on subbing until then.  who knows.  I have also been thinking about a slight shift in my ministry focus and may perhaps pursue a counseling degree or an msw and go that route.  not sure yet.  thanks for all the prayer support and putting up with my complaining and such.  More to come!


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