Think you know your Bible?

Consider this bit from Eugene Peterson’s book The Pastor (pg 245):

And here is something that never ceases to astonish me.  The Revelation has 404 verses.  In those 404 verses, there are 518 references to earlier scripture.  But there is not a single quote; all the references are allusions.  Here was a pastor and writer who was absolutely immersed in scripture andsubmitted himself to it.  He did not merely repeat, regurgitate, proof-text.  As he wrote, the scriptures were re-created in him.  He assimilated scripture.  Lived scripture.  And then he wrote what he has lived…

It is imperative that Christians in general learn to read their Bibles, their whole bibles and then live it out.  Let me know what you think.


3 responses to “Think you know your Bible?

  1. I just read this on the reader and completely missed that. I read it as assimilated. Hoping nothing happened to Mildred in the creation of this post 😉

    I think this is where we should be and it makes me realize how woefully short I fall.

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