lack of blogging

continues because we continue to not have regular access to the internet (once we get back on our feet financially, then maybe regular blogging can continue).  I could post from my Kindle e-reader but that can be pretty cumbersome and time consuming….

I have been reading through Craig Keener’s commentary on Revelation in the NIVAC set.  I love it, it is really good and… convicting.   One part I thought was good was in relation to the vision of the risen Jesus in Revelation 1:13-20 where Keener notes in part:

the point of Jesus’ description here was not to tell us his complexion – but to declare his power.  He was the reigning Lord of the universe, the one with the power over life and death (1:18).  John was writing to persecuted Christians, reminding them that God was bigger than their trials (p.102).

I needed this word in the last few months and I still need it.  I need to remember Jesus is LORD now and he is over all NOW.  It can be a source of strength in times of trouble to remember Jesus is LORD and though we face many difficulties all will be made right and made NEW in his time.

Keener also has the line “The book of Revelation is a book of worship…”  I love that!  Every part of the book should encourage us to worship God with all our hearts and minds and lives!

ps,  The Ephesian church having lost its first love he argues doesn’t refer to not loving God anymore but failing to love one another anymore.  Their problem was not a lack of love for God, but a lack of love altogether… what do you think?

Hope everyone is doing well.


4 responses to “lack of blogging

  1. The ‘first love’ interp makes perfect sense. Not a wistfully romantic re-mything but a practical commentary on what used to be. Very nice.

    Hang in there, Brian. God loves ya and we do too!

  2. (Just found your site through another BTW).

    Interesting thought – I had never thought of the Ephesian ‘love at first’ being for each other rather than Christ.

    I guess part of it is translation dependent – if it was ‘first love’, that sounds like Christ. ESV though reads like it could be either.

    I wonder – to be taken both ways? .Our love for others is an extension in many ways of our love for Christ, or else a direct gift from God. So could it mean both? Losing the love for Christ would generally also loose love for others…

    Just a thought. I mean since Revelation churches were 7 churches, and yet match up to 7 ages as well from what I can tell… Double complementary meaning!

    • Drewe, thanks for stopping by, Keener did note it could possibly go both ways, but seemed to side with theThe general notion that the problem was a general overall lack of love in the Ephesians church.

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