Thiselton on the Pentecostals

Dr Anthony Thiselton has just completed a manuscript on the Holy Spirit and as part of his work on it he was part of the Pentecostal Theology Worldwide group on Facebook.  He wrote the following just a couple days ago.

I have valued 3-4 months of rearing this Pentecostal website, since I have almost finished writing a 500 page book on the Holy Spirit (Biblical, historical, and contemporary). I have included “mainline” scholars, Pentecostals, charismatic Renewal, and have been impressed with the mature capacity of many Pentecostals for thoughtful self-criticism (like Frank Macchia and Veli-Matti Karkkainen – sorry, no umlaut on email! – unlike many in the “Third Wave” of the Renewal Movement). But I have virtually finished writing this book, and can no longer handle the sheer volume of this website. Can you please unsubscribe it. (I hope that we can have mutual dialogue when the book is published (Eerdmans often takes up to a year)

(Professor) Anthony Thiselton, PhD., D.D., FBA.

This was a nice complement!  Not too many people really care too much for those of Pentecostal persuasion so it was nice to receive such a kind word and especially from some like Dr Thiselton.  I look forward to giving the book a read.  🙂

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