on the social trinity

I have a copy of the late Clark Pinnock’s magnum opus Flame of Love: A Theology of the Holy Spirit (IVP, 1996).

In it he states:

Theology ought to be beautiful because its subject is so beautiful (43).

I have really been enjoying reading this book!  It is by far the most amazing theology the Holy Spirit I have read so far.   It is without a doubt a beautifully written theology.  Especially so has been his descriptions of the social Trinity.  He writes just a bit before the previous quote:

The social Trinity depicts God as beautiful and supremely lovable.  God is not a featureless monad, isolated and motionless, but a dynamic event of loving actions and personal relationality.  What loveliness and sheer liveliness is God!  We praise the Father, who is primordial light and unoriginated being, absolute mystery, without beginning or end.  We praise our Lord Jesus Christ, everlasting Son of the Father, who lives in fellowship with the Father, ever responding to his love.  We praise the Spirit, the Lord and giver of life, who is breathed out everlastingly – living, ecstatic, flaming.  Each person of the Trinity exists eternally with the others, each has its gaze fixed on the others, each casts a glance away from itself in love to the others, the eye of of each lover ever fixed on the beloved other (42).

I know some don’t care for the dancing images of Trinity and even argue against it and I am not going to pretend to even try to come against that but to me, I LOVE this description and it causes me to love and adore the Trinity and desire to join in on their life through life in Christ as empowered by the Spirit in glory to the Father!  I had not thought of theology as being beautiful before I got into this book and now I am far more open to the notion of the beauty of God, the beauty of Christ and the beauty of the Spirit!

are you?


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