Gundry’s Survey of the New Testament (closed)

The kind folks at the koinonia blog are giving away Robert H. Gundry’s now 5th revised edition of his A Survey of the New Testament!  In my opinion, this is a good one and the reason I think that is because it is fairly concise and to the point.  Some NT intros have too much information that can overwhelm the NT Survey student (undergrad or grad).

Sometimes, short and concise is better.  You can always supplement it with another more detailed one like DeSilva’s Introduction to the New Testament, but if you need to get right to it, Gundry will do that for you.  🙂

This does lead me to share, I like Intro books!  You know why?  They keep you in the basics.  All to often folks read these then move on to the meatier stuff but start to forget the basics and forget how to summarize things in simple ways so others can understand them.  Keeping in touch with a good NT or OT Intro or two can help avoid this problem.

anyways, it’s be nice to win this one since I had it and had throw it out with all the other books I lost to mold a year ago now.


it is over now but you can see a video about it here:


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