seminary quote of the day

Seminaries do not train people for high paying jobs. I don’t know if Joel Olsteen, Crefflo Dollar, Pat Robertson, or any of the celebrity pastors have received seminary education, but if you think you’re going to go to seminary, find a pastorate, and strike it rich you should seek another profession. Seminaries often train pastors, youth pastors, elders, counselors, and sometimes academics. Some may do quite well, but most enter lower paying jobs. I think you should go to seminary if you sense a “calling” to a vocation or if you have the money to spend for the sake of the learning experience. If not, there are better options.

Read more here!

Brian has very good points for consideration!

It is must reading for those considering seminary.

You can’t go into the ministry to strike it rich – you go because you are called.  (but if you don’t want to be too poor…. consider the chaplaincy, hospitals, prisons, workplaces, the military, etc… these can pay pretty decent).  But just as a pastorate may not be for everyone, neither is the chaplaincy.  So… back to Brian’s point – as we tended to say at the seminary I attended, the MDiv is a degree where income increase is inversely proportional to the amount of education you receive!  🙂


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