on Zechariah 9:9

since it is Palm Sunday today I wanted to share a thought from the late Thomas McComisky’s edited exegetical and expository commentary The Minor Prophets (Baker, 1998 – One volume work 2009) on the use of the donkey for Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem (McComisky did the work on Zechariah):

The donkey appears to express humility in this context, because verse 10 states that the Lord will cut off the horse from his people, ending misplaced trust in implements of war.  Since Zion’s king establishes peace among the nations (v.10), it would be anomalous for him to ride an animal that symbolizes war.  The donkey, on the other hand, stands out in this text as a deliberate rejection of this symbol of arrogant trust in human might, expressing subservience to the sovereignty of God.  We must view Jerusalem’s king in contrast to Alexander the Great and the other proud conquerors of history.  The references to the riding a beast of burden, not a white charger, underscores this sense of the word “ani.’ Jerusalem’s king is of humble mien, yet victorious, and so it has always been that the church does not effectively spread the gospel by sword or by arrogance, but by mirroring the humble spirit of its king and savior (1166).

Hope you have had a blessed Palm Sunday!


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