QOTD: on missions

we sow division within the body of Christ when we critique in such a way that those we disagree with on minor issues are perceived as having major doctrinal issues and are compromising the gospel. It breeds suspicion and creates disunity. Furthermore, we sow division when we do not fully understand the position of others–and ignore their calls of “foul” when their positions have been misrepresented.

from the pen of Dr Ed.  I think he is right.  What is the problem with having a holistic approach to the mission of God in this world?  Do we think all we have to do is preach the gospel all good enough?  what about that cold glass of water?  If we do both are we missing something?  Hardly!  God forbid we should actually help people better their lives as we preach and disciple the nations.

why all the nitpickiness and dividing over things?


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