on developing your CV

Lou linked to a good article on The Rhetoric of the CV over at the webpage for The Chronicle on Higher Education.  It is one all those wishing to teach should read and pay attention too.  You aren’t just putting down what you have taught and can teach, much like how you do your resume, it is about how you are presenting yourself as a prospective professor, and in many cases it is the only thing some search committees see.  Consider this:

When you send in your job-application materials, you’re not just assembling separate documents to fulfill the requirements of an ad. Those documents are part of a larger rhetorical whole, and together they form an argument for the viability of your candidacy for a particular job.

So take from this and put it to work!  I know teaching prospects for PhD are at and all time low and sinking… but it ever hurts to have a nice, tight, Resume and CV (curriculum vitae). And if you, like me, don’t have one, well, I guess I better get to work!  lol!

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