on Galatians

so where do you all stand?  Is Galatians pre- or -post Acts 15 and the Jerusalem Council?  Right now I say it is post Acts 15…


6 responses to “on Galatians

  1. See, I am thinking it was either way before the council or right before. if it was post the council why no mention of it and his confronting the judaizers? I am not thinking Paul’s confrontation of Peter was at the council per se. So far as I see it, Paul had his theology mostly together by the end of the three days after his damascus road encounter with Christ. And… I think the position asserted can effect how one interprets the letter and the contents therein. Thanks guys for commenting and not leaving me hanging! lol!

    • That’s essentially my logic as well. The letter is constrained by the first missionary journey on one end and the Jerusalem Council on the other. That leaves a very small window in which Paul could have penned it. I actually envision him being hopping mad after a debate with some of the Judaizers and zipping this letter off to the Galatians when he hears that the same punks who are giving him grief in Antioch have also sent emissaries to the churches he just founded. Fanciful but it makes me happy. 😉

  2. Before the Jerusalem council in Acts 15. Otherwise, you would expect Paul to appeal to the decision of the council in addition to the other arguments he makes.

    • Brian. exactly. I just had read a student paper (Bible college level) that essentially said, so after the council, Paul sat down and wrote his long letter to the Galatians… I though, oh boy!

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