why have twitter?

so i decided to get on twitter.  why?  well, in part because, (now don’t get offended, think positively about these things, we been in a bad spot for a long time, maybe this will help a little?) I am now doing this.  SO I want to connect with others who may be interested too.  🙂  But also I decided to give it a shot because my friend Bob Caldwell had some youngin’s help him understand the potential of using it, which among other reasons are the following:

‎(1) That they were able to keep up with others in ministry who they thought had something to say in short bursts or in links to web pages, without the typical FB clutter of where I’m going for lunch or American Idol posts.

(2) The fact that most of the people that they want to hear from are on Twitter rather than FB (although some post their tweets in their FB status).

(3) The ability to send out quick burst e-mails to a group.

(4) That it feels more instantaneous than FB (especially if you use your phone to keep up).

One described it as “I use FB to connect with people I have known, and Twitter to those I want to know now.

So… since I am pursuing that opportunity I linked too, I want to connect with others too and see how it goes.

Well, if you want to “follow” me as I follow Christ (well, I try too…) I am at @sunestauromai.



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