Greek and Hebrew Online

There is this pretty good and useful online Hebrew and Greek reader!!  Hey, if it helps use it!

Here is the “study” portion (Greek/Hebrew side-by-side with English).

Here is the “reader” portion (just the Greek or Hebrew text).

Soon they will also have flash cards!

It is a GOOD thing more online resources are available to help Christians learn and utilize the biblical languages!

But here is the deal Neal… you have to use them if you want them to be of any use to you.  It is a tool for you to grow both spiritually and ministerially.  I wonder if there are all too many folk out there who like having these sorts of apps or Bible programs on their computers as sort of a status quo it is the Christian thing to do but never actually use it.  As I see it, having access to things like this online Bible Web App, or Logos or Bible Works on your computer is like having a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the fastest car in the world, sitting in your driveway and the keys in the ignition…. and you just sitting there looking at it.  DUDE!! It is YOURS and all you do is just sit there and look at it, or go inside and close the door and just watch the TV?  No way! You get in it and you DRIVE IT!  You USE it!!  (if you don’t know how, you find a way!!).  It is the same with having access to the languages in your reading and study of the Bible, the VERY WORD OF GOD.  They ain’t gonna be of much benefit of ya don’t use them….

Be Blessed!


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