Dave Black on 1 Timothy 5

10:58 AM A blogger has raised the question about widows in 1 Timothy 5. Pursuant to that discussion, I’d like to ponder aloud with you the definition that Paul gives of a “true widow” in 1 Tim. 5:9-10. Men, please listen closely. Can these qualities describe your wife?
  • She must have been married only once.
  • She must have a reputation for good deeds.
  • She must have brought up her children well.
  • She must have received strangers in her home.
  • She must have performed humble duties for fellow Christians.
  • She must have helped people in trouble.
  • She must have devoted herself to doing good.
Again, marriage isn’t complicated. It’s not about finding the right person; it’s about being the right person. The blessings described here have nothing to do with tangible possessions or external looks. Rather, Paul is describing the essentials that make a life full and meaningful — things like good relationships, sacrificial living, and devotion to duty. Becky and I are now in the empty nest phase of our marriage where we are living alone until one of us dies. We have two options at this stage of the game: Become bitter, narrow-minded victims of self-pity, or become conduits of encouragement and ministry. I recall an elderly couple whom we knew when we lived in California. Both had been widowed, had found each other and fallen in love, and then remarried. I’ve never met a more alive, involved, and positive couple. Retirement did not mean inactivity for them. They “performed humble duties, helped people in trouble, and devoted themselves to doing good.”
That’s a life worth emulating, especially as we get older!