Blue Chip Pastor

A new blog has started by Daniel Thompson called Blue Chip Pastor!  It is a blog for pastors, by pastors.

What is Blue Chip Pastor all about?

Several months ago Dan sat with a professor who had been one of his mentors in seminary. She had preached the morning service at his church and they were all out to dinner talking about ministry. The professor spent a lot of time discussing what was RIGHT about Dan’s church.

She said, “So much of what is going on in the American Church today is ‘junk bond investing.’ Junk bond investors are only in it for the short gain. They make their profit and then dump the stuff without regard to what the effect may be long term. They’ve reaped their instant gain. What is needed is ‘blue chip ministry.’ Long term investing. Long term views. This is what you are doing.”

For Dan’s church, that meant three specific things. For each church, there are areas of ministry and vision that can indicate “blue chip” investing.

That is what we want to do here. We want to encourage blue chip ministry. It’s not about the size of the congregation on a Sunday morning, necessarily. It IS about faithfulness to what God has called you to do in ministry.

We want to ENCOURAGE pastors in their places of ministry. We want to interact with pastors, lift each other up, and think long term.

 This is a blog for those blue chip pastors out there and if you are one, why don’t you come and join us, even contribute some posts?!!