Bible Study Quote of the Day

          e. Constructive Bible Study
Someone has well noted, “These are times in which whatsoever is of boundless dimensions in Holy Scriptures has passed beyond our range of vision while our spectacled eyes are on iotas.”  Because of the presence of this tendency and the dangers inherent in it, it is imperative that we as Bible students concentrate on what is positive and clear and obviously fundamental.  Problems there are in the interpretation of the Scriptures, but they need not and must not occupy the major share of our time.  For as someone has observed, it is not the parts of the Bible we do not understand that ought to bother us, but the parts that we do understand (11).

From the late Robert Traina’s Methodical Bible Study (© 1952, 1980; Zondervan 2000, so far as I know it was never updated but is as relevent as ever!) (A book everybody should own…).

Did you catch that?  Its not the parts of the Bible we don’t understand that should bother us or occupy our time, it is the parts that we do understand!  For example I think most of us have a fairly straightforward understanding of “Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me”  to mean just what it says.  This should bother us in a lot of ways, especially because it is just so hard to do many times.  Yet, curiously, we instead get bother over obscure passages in the OT the seem to condone violence or random verses in the Psalms that call for the smashing of babies heads on the rocks.

Oh, yes!  What we don’t understand should be less of a problem that what we do understand!

What say you?

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