Did Paul Write Ephesians?

The important part of this blog post (well, it is all important) is at the end where he links to Peter Williamson’s online article discussing the authorship of Ephesians! Indeed, it argues for Pauline authorship, 🙂

Faith Improvised

The scholarly consensus on the authorship of Ephesians is that Paul did not write it.  I think this is mistaken and I find the arguments in favor of pseudonymity to be seriously unconvincing.  It isn’t easy, however, to find sane discussions of this issue.

Peter Williamson contributed the volume on Ephesians for the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture (Baker Academic).  It’s an excellent commentary–clear, concise, thorough, and theologically compelling.

His discussion of the letter’s authorship in the introduction is brief but he points readers to a longer online discussion.  Check it out.  It’s one of the better discussions I’ve found.

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